Sunday, March 28, 2010

variations on a theme

Sitting in Mass this morning, King and I were a little taken aback at the homily that Fr. Charlie gave.
His message? Pray for unity!

We found it funny that I had just blogged about the same thing the night before. Anyway, Fr. Charlie began his sermon by talking about the horrors that the Church is suffering as a result of flawed priests who abused children. Definitely horrific, potentially damnable sins.

But the greater sin, the greatest of all, he believes, is the state of division the church is in. It goes without saying that I agree with him.

There is no remorse in the division; each church boasts its individuality, taking up the Gauntlet of staying "current" and "relative". They do not want to be associated with the "old, archaic" traditions of the Catholic church.

Anyway, it was a great homily. Wish you could have been there.
Continue to pray for unity.


lizzerd said...

what do you want to bet that there are just as many other clergymen of other faiths that do the same thing, just don't get caught? we know televangelists all seem to have a penchant for cheap church secretaries. i wonder if rabbis or muslim clerics ever get caught with their pants down, so-to-speak? it would not be PC to report that on TV, you'd be racist, anti-semetic or something.

Anita said...

Lizzerd, you are right that recent evidence has come out that the abuse suffered in the Catholic church is lower than in most settings, public school, etc. Yes, abuse happens in other churches and is less reported because the churches are not part of a connected system. You are right again. BUT children should never have to suffer abuse in my church or your church or any church of Jesus Christ. I know you agree. Enough said.

lizzerd said...

agree 100%!! or 3000% as obama would say. hehehe