Wednesday, March 31, 2010

the problem with giving the "laundry chore" to a ten-year old

Nothing sucks quite like folding a basket full of dirty laundry.

Except the fact that between doorbells, juice cups, and kid activities it took me two days to finish it. Every article I folded I kept cursing my washing machine (high efficiency front loader) and saying things like:
"Stupid washer, this shirt still smells dirty."
"Dang, I wonder if I forgot to put detergent in there?"
"Well, this one doesn't smell too bad."
"Yuck, these pants smell stale."
Finally, at the end of the basket, where there were a few socks floating around, I noticed that they still had stains. One sniff told me I had just wasted precious time folding a damn basket of dirty laundry.
I am still baffled by how it happened. The only thing I can think is that when I recently vacuumed the floor in the laundry room I put the few clothes from the floor (a light-colored load with King's dress shirts and the boys' khaki's) into a laundry basket and into the cabinet where empty laundry baskets are stored (as if there ever ARE empty laundry baskets!). #3 must have thought they were clean and put them into the living room for me to fold.
Sorta like Lucy Van Pelt when Snoopy gives her a big ol' lick on the face, I feel like I need to go disinfect from sniffing all those "unfresh" items.


MaryPat said...

hee hee-good one! and I'm sorry to say I'm kind of glad someone else has these types of issues too :)

Perryn said...

i haven't folded dirty laundry, but i have piled a load of stuff into the dishwasher only to realise that the few bits that were in there were actually clean and thus had to be washed again. i've also put empty milk cartons back into the fridge. and to top it off, i've gone upstairs to get something only to discover when i got up there that i'd forgotten what it was i was going to fetch (and to add insult to injury, then had to go back downstairs to where i had the original thought to remember what it was i wanted!!)

and i'm not even 40 yet.......

Anita said...

Oh thank God this happened! I was starting to think you were perfect. Whew!

lizzerd said...

i have folded dirty laundry. i also got down to the bottom before i realized it--why is that??? i have put away dirty dishes and re-washed clean ones. i have forgotten to put detergent in the washer & not realized it until i got the stuff out of the dryer.
and i can't fault anyone but myself for those lapses in sanity.

Concetta said...

My mom was at my house today while I went to the doctor and she washed my laundry I took out of the dryer this morning....Thy are now SUPER clean!!! LOL
P.S. I posted on my blog since I have been a slacker about it! Thanks for the kick in the bottom! :-)