Tuesday, March 30, 2010

feasts for all the senses

My beautiful friend Amy will be so thrilled that I finally tried Pad Thai.
King and I decided in a rare, moment of fuddy-duddy spontaneity, that since there is a toddler friend's birthday party tomorrow night, we would alter our weekly Wednesday date night plans and go out tonight instead.
We had planned on going to a sushi place that can be described as fusion cuisine (deliberate combination of elements from two or more spatially or temporally distinct cuisines) but the restaurant was so jam-packed that we made alternate plans and "go tappas". It was a great turn of events. In addition to our first time eating Pad Thai, which King swore the waitress offered us Pat Dye (Auburn University's head football coach in 1985), we also tried a grilled pear salad with herbed goat cheese. (um... yummo!)
After dinner, King decided we should go to the next town and get ice cream. (Not a lot of arm-twisting had to happen.) As we crossed the river, he pointed out The. Most. Beautiful. Moon. EVAH! It hung low and its reflected light was still dim, but the reflection in the river was absolutely gorgeous. We bet that 1% of the half of the world's population that could see it, didn't see it. Too bad for them.


Perryn said...

Ah, fusion cuisine! You've heard the latest, haven't you - the fusion of Chinese/German cuisine.

It's a fantastically diverse dietary experience - only problem is, 20 minutes after eating, you're hungry for power again...............!!!!!!

MaryPat said...

glad you had a nice night!

lizzerd said...

oh, perryn, you're so funny! i nearly had a laundry moment!!! hehehehe
i saw the moon last night when i got out of work at 10 & it was as bright & white as it could be. it looked like a big alka-seltzer tablet. i'm so glad y'all had a good date night. i'm jealous!