Thursday, March 25, 2010

the truth: worth your investment

Wanna know reason #429 is that I love being Catholic?

The Catholic Church does not change her mind with the whims of society. The Bride of Christ stands firm on her beliefs. Just as an example:
Just as true 40 years ago as it is today. And just as true as it will be in another 40 years.
There is a "non-traditional, non-denominational, multi ethnic, independent" church just outside of Atlanta called "Church in the Now". I have always wondered, what do they think is wrong with tradition? Why would you not want to be part of denomination that doesn't agree with anyone else? I get the multi ethnic part, after all, I am Catholic (the very word itself means "universal"), but what glory is there in being independent, standing with no one on any issues? And, the ultimate question I have for them is "So, what happens when 'Now' is over and you arrive at 'Then'?"
There is another non-denominational church I've seen that advertises "Healing Explosion" services. I wonder.... is it hard to clean up after one of those?


lizzerd said...

i can't wait to read allen h's book.

Anita said...

The book mentioned above is coming out in April. He also authored one on Forgiveness, on the Fruits of the Spirit, and on his disseration from his Yale PhD. More assigned reading?