Tuesday, March 30, 2010

seeking advise from a god

So, King and I were watching the ONLY t.v. we ever watch:
(a.k.a. The Jack Bauer Show)
During a break from all the edge-of-your-seat drama, there was a commercial for the new Clash of the Titans movie. Amidst all the theatrical shots of suspenseful showdowns between Greek Gods, there is a scene in which Liam "hottie-Zeus" Neeson yells out, "Release the Kraken" (must be noted that there is a tongue roll on the "r" in Kraken) and then we see this lovely visage.


Me: "Yeah, yeah, yeah.... that's a scary-lookin' Kraken and all. But here's what I want to know... just how long has "hottie-Zeus" had this big Kraken thingie? Has he had it locked away ever since it was a wee little Kraken?"

(Awwww, Krakie-Krakie was so cute when he started losing teeth... little snagglepus! Although he nearly put the Tooth Fairy out of business with all those rows and rows of baby teeth. Oy vey, we nearly went broke! And don't even get me started on all the furniture he ruined when the teeth first started coming in! After the 5th couch we decided we would just wait until he was grown and out of the house before we replaced another one.)

Like, I have a teenage boy. Does Kraken eat as much as that?

And, I also have a "spirited" four year old. Pray, tell me, how the hell have you kept "Krrrraken" subdued all this time? Do you spank or use time-out?


Perryn said...

OK, so now that Fox have cancelled 24, does this mean that you have to throw out your tv as being superfluous to requirements?

:o) mg said...

it would suit me just fine... although during football season, I may get some fairly mean and dirty looks.

lizzerd said...

from what i recollect from studying greek mythology & from having seen the first "clash of the titans" with then-hottie harry hamlin, the krrraken (no one can do it like laurence olivier!) was contained in an underwater cave with a gate on it that could withstand anything said krrraken could do to it. makes ya wonder why bedroom doors don't have bars on them, huh? hehehe