Thursday, March 25, 2010

coming together nicely

Although we have not gotten to all the finishing touches on the dining room, we have done a few things which are slowly getting us there. We replaced the Craftsman table and chairs that, although huge, only comfortably seated 6. The new one seats 8 comfortably and takes up less space. We bought it online from Mallery Hall. Here is a picture of the table from their website.

And here is a picture of the chairs we went with. The chairs from Mallery Hall, although gorgeous, drove the price way up. We bought these on eBay. The reason I am totally in love with them? Because I have a silhouette "theme" going on in there, you notice the shape of everything in the room. Therefore, the graceful lines of the table legs and the intricate detail of the chair backs show up nicely.

For that same reasoning, I think I need to soften the shape of the plantation-shuttered windows. The room is striking with a feminine feel, so I don't want any hard edges. Here is the fabric I will use to make curtain panels.

I cannot wait to get time to do what I hope will be the piece de resistance. It will be a rainy weekend project. Stay tuned!


Bia said...

it's no fair you teasing us like this...

can't wait to see the final results!

lizzerd said...

i'm in love!!! will you be my older sister? hehehe