Friday, June 29, 2007

the island of misfit toys

Perhaps it is normal and everyone has this problem or perhaps I am alone in this, but my brain forms opinions too quickly or makes snap judgements when I see somone for the first time. It happens so fast "ugh...look at those nasty tatoos" or "doesn't she have a full length mirror so she can see the fact that the outfit she is wearing doesn't look good?" Poof! It is in my brain before I can control it.

Now, just as quickly as it appears, another part of my brain tries to be rational. "Judge not", right? Some of the time I can wrestle with the snap judgement and make it go away. Then other times, my guard is down and it sticks around. However, nine times out of ten God will (usually within minutes) get my attention by pointing out that I have this rather large plank in my own eye and how could I even see that splinter in someone else's?

Today in traffic, I was at a two-way stop intersection waiting to turn right. The car that was approaching to my left had several cars behind it. If they were turning right, I would be able to turn and beat all the cars behind it. But, the driver doesn't have the turn signal on, so I guess I have to be patient and wait.

I had 6 kids in the car. We had just been to Wal Mart. Number 5 was cranky and was ready for nurishment and a nap. I was exhausted from being up late two nights in a row with my sister. Patience was something I didn't have a LOT of.

Whoa. The car turned right! "UGH," I grunted. "Now I have to wait on the line of traffic. "GRRR what a pain in the," I began mumbling under my breath as I finally was able to turn right ... uh, wait, turn right, huh? God pointed out that I didn't have my turn signal on either. I was guilty of the same thing.

Time and time again God reminds me that I am just one of many on the Island of Misfit Toys.
Humility. I am thankful for it. No, it doesn't always feel good, but yes, it is always necessary.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

eight is enough

My sister and her three daughters (ages 10, 3, and 2) are here visiting for a couple of days. The three year old has decided that she is in charge. (Well, of course she is, she's three!) It is hilarious to hear the things that come out of her mouth. But the thing that cracks me up the most is when she gets mad at my sister for (insert reason here) whatever and bellyaches that "it's not fairrrrrrr!" Oh my. What the heck does a three year old know about fairness? Too funny!
She is also the "go to girl" for whatever you need to know. For instance, #4 fell down as a result of #2 leaning back in his chair (he fell backward and knocked the poor little buggah down). My niece goes up to my sister and says, "You wanna know what happened, I'll tell you what happened. He fell!"

The kids are having a blast. And we are getting quite a few chuckles every hour on the hour. (Well, every hour except from 5:30 to 6:30 pm.... that's no fun.)

Eight kids. 3900 sq. ft. Never a dull moment!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

while the others are rollerblading....

"Since the other kids have rollerblades, and I don't, I'll just skate in Mom's shoes."

simple joys of summer - a list

  • "bendy" straws
  • sprinklers
  • sidewalk chalk
  • oscillating fans
  • ice
  • shade
  • "reading time"
  • paper plates
  • ice cream
  • strawberries
  • salads

More to follow.....

Monday, June 25, 2007

3 wishes

OK, as I was folding the umpteenth load of laundry this week, I started to daydream what I would wish for if I had three wishes. Would it be to wish for a "self-cleaning house", the ability to freeze time and enjoy a wonderful moment longer, bring someone back to life, more money, the perfect figure? Just what would it be?
I wasn't able to think about it too long, because my thoughts were interrupted by someone screaming and needing my attention. (hrm.. more fodder for wishes)
But, now, as I sit here and all the kids are finally in bed and asleep, I go back to those thoughts.
A self-cleaning house: As nice as it would be to never have to worry about scrubbing another toilet, how would my children ever learn to clean their own homes if they did not have me or their dad to show them how? So, I guess this is not a viable wish.
The ability to freeze time: I would have used this wish way too soon - for example when #'s 1, 2, and 3 were little and I would have never had #4 or #5. This wish would stunt too much growth, so, naaah.
Bringing someone back to life: As much as I miss my dad, for example, who died of a massive heart attack in August of 1988, I don't think I would wish him back. Sure it would be wonderful to see him interacting with my kids.... that would nearly convince me to use that as a wish. But, his passing has stretched my faith more than I could've imagined, in the way that all things that are painful do. So, I guess I will pass on this option too. (no pun intended)
More money: I've lived long enough to realize that money does not buy happiness, so that's a no-brainer.
The perfect figure: Now here's another really tempting one. All of my life I have battled the bulge. It is one of the things I would want more than nearly anything, but how shallow is that?!? If I were to be able to have the "thin wish" granted, would I continue to eat right and exercise? hm... probably not. *sigh* I guess not.

While any one of these things holds the promise to make life easier, why would I want life to be easier? Where along the way did any of us get promised the perfect life? Every single person on the face of the planet struggles with insecurities, misses loved ones when they pass away, and wishes for an easy solution to a major problem. I used to wish I could switch places with other people. But I have learned that they have their own set of issues to deal with. I don't want anyone else's set of problems.

I've grown accustomed to this face (hmmpfh, now that song from My Fair Lady will be circling my brain). These issues. These strengths. These shortcomings. God has gotten me through all of it and I have no doubt that as long as I ask and am forever thankful for it, He will continue to do so. The road might be so bumpy that I spill some of my drink, but heck, that's why car detailers are in business, eh?

So, while I go pull out my VHS copy of My Fair Lady to watch, I'll pass my three wishes on to you. What would you wish for?

Saturday, June 23, 2007

figuring out hyperlinks

Thank you Rachel!


After a year of saying we were going to, we did it. Number 1 got her hair cut off and we will be donating her 12" ponytail to Locks of Love. It was a long process waiting on her hair to be long enough for them to use, but it was worth it.
I loved how she looked with long hair. I loved fixing it in different styles. I had just figured out how to do a 4-strand braid. But she looks amazing with her new bob. And she LOVES it. I must say, as much as I loved braiding it or being creative with it, this "brush-and-go" thing is sorta nice too.
She has already said she would be willing to grow it out again. For right now though, she is enjoying how lightweight her head feels. I just hope she doesn't give herself some sort of neck injury from swinging her head around.

absence makes the heart grow fonder

Ah, I was able to get away from these four walls for more than just a grocery store run. Last night I was gone for 7 hours - got home at nearly 1 am! I helped a friend with a decorating dilemma- what to put on the newly painted den walls. Now, granted, it's a far cry from the kinds of things that USED to keep me out past midnight, but, I didn't wake up with a hangover either.
After sitting in her room and discussing some options, we went out to get a big bunch of picture frames in varying shapes and sizes, then grabbed a salad at the only place that was still open at 9:30pm, then back to her house for the "hanging". It wasn't "trip-to-the-spa" relaxing, it was better. It was the "have-a-splash-of-creativity-and-productivity-all-topped-off-with-dinner-with-a-girl-friend" kind of relaxing.
Ennyhoo, it was just the right prescription for what ailed me apparently. I was able to come home and have a renewed approach to the drudgery that life as a stay-at-home mom of 5 can sometimes be.

Friday, June 22, 2007

forget the calgon, baby!

baby's cooing and smiles.... melts all the residue of strife the other kids left me with this morning just like butter in a hot skillet.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

but all the kids have one

Heavens to Murgatroyd even, I just "got me" a blog site. Like I have time for this.