Tuesday, June 26, 2007

simple joys of summer - a list

  • "bendy" straws
  • sprinklers
  • sidewalk chalk
  • oscillating fans
  • ice
  • shade
  • "reading time"
  • paper plates
  • ice cream
  • strawberries
  • salads

More to follow.....


Anonymous said...

Ok, I tried "womanfully" to post yesterday so you would have a comment, but I didn't want to make up my own blog just so I could post to yours--I'd never have time to read "The Cheerful Oncologist's" blog then! LOL

Pat (Irish)
(couldn't figure out where to put my name on here)

:o) mg said...

Glad you made it back and took the time to comment. Cheerful Oncologist, huh? Do tell.

Sandy said...

Cheerful Oncologist? Ok, now you have my attention.

:o) mg said...

I'll bet you DO want to meet a cheerful oncologist, huh, Sandy?

Sandy said...

You need to add watermelon to your list.

:o) mg said...

I know. I am putting the things on the list as we experience them... and so far, the watermelons are too expensive and hubby won't pop for one.
Strangely enough, I am willing to pay $6 for a huge carton of strawberries. Go figure.

Pat said...

You know, in many places they sell watermelon halves. Much cheaper--and it would be enough for everyone to have a taste.