Saturday, June 23, 2007


After a year of saying we were going to, we did it. Number 1 got her hair cut off and we will be donating her 12" ponytail to Locks of Love. It was a long process waiting on her hair to be long enough for them to use, but it was worth it.
I loved how she looked with long hair. I loved fixing it in different styles. I had just figured out how to do a 4-strand braid. But she looks amazing with her new bob. And she LOVES it. I must say, as much as I loved braiding it or being creative with it, this "brush-and-go" thing is sorta nice too.
She has already said she would be willing to grow it out again. For right now though, she is enjoying how lightweight her head feels. I just hope she doesn't give herself some sort of neck injury from swinging her head around.

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