Friday, June 29, 2007

the island of misfit toys

Perhaps it is normal and everyone has this problem or perhaps I am alone in this, but my brain forms opinions too quickly or makes snap judgements when I see somone for the first time. It happens so fast "ugh...look at those nasty tatoos" or "doesn't she have a full length mirror so she can see the fact that the outfit she is wearing doesn't look good?" Poof! It is in my brain before I can control it.

Now, just as quickly as it appears, another part of my brain tries to be rational. "Judge not", right? Some of the time I can wrestle with the snap judgement and make it go away. Then other times, my guard is down and it sticks around. However, nine times out of ten God will (usually within minutes) get my attention by pointing out that I have this rather large plank in my own eye and how could I even see that splinter in someone else's?

Today in traffic, I was at a two-way stop intersection waiting to turn right. The car that was approaching to my left had several cars behind it. If they were turning right, I would be able to turn and beat all the cars behind it. But, the driver doesn't have the turn signal on, so I guess I have to be patient and wait.

I had 6 kids in the car. We had just been to Wal Mart. Number 5 was cranky and was ready for nurishment and a nap. I was exhausted from being up late two nights in a row with my sister. Patience was something I didn't have a LOT of.

Whoa. The car turned right! "UGH," I grunted. "Now I have to wait on the line of traffic. "GRRR what a pain in the," I began mumbling under my breath as I finally was able to turn right ... uh, wait, turn right, huh? God pointed out that I didn't have my turn signal on either. I was guilty of the same thing.

Time and time again God reminds me that I am just one of many on the Island of Misfit Toys.
Humility. I am thankful for it. No, it doesn't always feel good, but yes, it is always necessary.

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