Tuesday, July 3, 2007

expect the unexpected

We are in NC visting my Mom. We really want to give the kids a lot of out of the ordinary experiences while we are here. Today we went to Old Salem and though we weren't able to do the full tour, we were able to do the Toy Museum and Children's Museum. The kids had a blast and #4 and #5 were real troopers. The Children's Museum had authentic colonial dress ups and lots of other fun stuff. We waved our little hand-held sized American flags and bought little Moravian star Christmas tree ornaments.
We are going to take a picnic on the Blue Ridge Parkway tomorrow. Probably fried chicken and fresh fruit salad. One of the days during our two weeks here, we want to go to a local cheese maker. I know that is odd - going to see cheese being made - but I am all about doing something totally unexpected.

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