Monday, July 30, 2007


I just love it when kids start using their new language skills. Number 4 has been talking up a storm, but so far, it has all been gobbledy-gook. The only thing we could really make out was "dit-n" for "thank you" and "blabble-lah" for "I would like a milk bottle please mother, dear."

Each night, before I tuck him in, he likes to look at this lighted globe. There are little pictures of animals that are found in each country scattered about. For example, Australia has a kangaroo, a wombat, and some other "creachers" that someone who doesn't have her glasses cannot see. Tonight he was so adorable telling each of the animals good night, the cutest of which was "bat-bo" or "hippo". Finally, he told all the animals goodnight at once, which sounded like "bye bye-dee" (goodnight everybody).

Other cute-isms:
cah = car
bee = please
tee = tree
boot-boo = erm... use your imagination (here's a hint, it belongs in the potty)

Then, there are a few that would actually require that I know how to spell in Swahili. Like, the way he says choo-choo. It actually comes from the nasal passage. Sort of like when you stifle a sneeze.
The sad thing is when he starts talking to someone who doesn't know his little language. And he says the same thing over and over, very patiently. It makes you just want to scoop him up in your arms and hold him forever.

I think this age is wonderful. I love to see them little sponges, soaking in all the details. And, trust me, he doesn't miss a trick! There is so much about this age that I forgot since #1,2, and 3 were this little. Like, the good morning smile I get each day, which serves as a reward for getting through the day before. God sure knew what he was doing when he created two-year-olds (well, nearly two anyway!).


Lizzerd said...

you forgot about "ma-ma" for pacie!
i wish you could hear how isabella says "wizard of oz." wishiwazaz or something. she cals it the "wish" movie. not sure if she means "witch" or if she is referring to dorothy's wish. hehe who knows with her complex little brain!

Sandy said...

I can't wait for dgd to start that. Right now I am fascinated by her blowing bubbles.

laundrylessons said...

I so miss those days! Every moment is a chance for discovery. Thanks for sharing his cuteness.