Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Well, of course we had to rush right out and get a frame for our newest art acquisition. Turns out, I was able to steal a couple of hours - just number 1 and me.

After we got the frame, we went to Applebee's and grabbed a couple of salads. I didn't want us to just sit there staring at each other, so I took this opportunity to pick her brain a bit.

Me: So, have you thought anymore about what you want to be when you grow up?
#1: I'm really thinking I would like to be a Chemical Engineer.
Me: (shocked, but trying to act cool) Oh, yeah, you'd be good at that and I'm sure you'd probably make a decent salary. I wonder, what does a Chemical Engineer do?
#1: I don't know what all they do, but I am pretty sure it has to do with the periodic table. (Pause) Yeah, I think they mostly just memorize the periodic table.
Me: hmm... maybe
#1: There is something else I had wanted to be, but I forgot what it was.
Me: (thinking to myself - "oh, right a stay-at-home mom with no touching brain cells left.... welcome to my world") Hmm, wonder what it was?
#1: I don't remember. (And then making a reference to something she said when she was 3 years old and grinning as if to say "you thought I didn't remember this") Yeah, either that or a pink flamingo.

Reminds me of one of those Visa ads:
Dinner with oldest daughter: $25.00
Possible salary as a Chemical Engineer $50,000
Spending time with this beautiful creature in front of me who is both artsy and smartsy and at the age of three said she wanted to be a pink flamingo when she grew up: priceless


Sandy said...

Pink flamingos may not make $50,000 a year but they sure are stylish.

lizzerd said...

she can come stand in mt front yard to get a feel for the job.