Saturday, July 7, 2007

one week down, one to go

The Ashe County Cheese field trip was the coolest thing ever. I even got the t-shirt! Let me also add that their cheese is divine.

King leaves tomorrow to head home and the kids and I will stay another week here. Gonna go see my "bruddah" and "sistah" on Wednesday.

I am praying that the Lord will protect hubby while he travels and be my source of strength this upcoming week in dealing with the kiddos.


Kathy/Lessons from the Laundry said...

So you're kid-free for a week! No way. Enjoy your family.

P.S. I'm envious of the cheese tour. I told the kids I want to go on a cupcake tour this summer. Head to bakeries all over the city and buy one cupcake. By the end we'd surely have a dozen and then we'd rate them and promptly get sick!

:o) mg said...

Oh I wish I was kid free... but I was at my Mom's with all five chirr'uns sans hubby. He came up to NC to retrieve us last night. Man. T'was good to see him!