Tuesday, July 17, 2007

dream cars

In the car on the way to art lessons for #1, the kids were asking if a minivan is called a minivan, what is a real van. They learned what SUV means as well as the difference between sedan and coupe. (Really, their father needed to be in the car making sure I was teaching them correctly.)

Then the conversation drifted into what cars we each liked. Number two says, "I'm either going to drive a motorcycle or a Mustang." Number 3 blurts out, "I want a brand new, light blue, convertible punchbuggy.... or a jeep." My oldest says she wants a punchbuggy too, but she wants it to be pink and does NOT want it to be a convertible. (People fall into one of two categories, I've decided. You are either a "hair blowing in the breeze kind of person, or not..... she falls in the latter category.)

I told them I could relate to wanting a VW. But my "dream car" is an older Beetle. White on white convertible. I explained to them that there is a certain wonderful smell that a VW has. I can't imagine that the newer ones have that smell. Another good thing about a car that small - there is really not a lot of room for passengers. In fact, I think if I ever get my dream car, I need to start carrying a really big purse so that it takes up the passenger side seat.


Sandy said...

My dream car would be a 55-57 Thunderbird, a 57 Chevy or a 63 Corvette. Now those were cars.

:o) mg said...

Well, let's face it, anything without a diaper bag, plastic grocery store bags used for trash, or fast food stains is truly a dream car for me.