Tuesday, July 24, 2007

guess what the cat does when the mice are away?

Numbers 1, 2, and 3 are visiting their cousins this week. I'm sure the feeling of "wow, this is a nice break" goes both ways.

While they are having a blast at my sister-and brother-in-law's, I am blasting each of their rooms. King and I worked on #2/#4's room last night. We started with each of their dressers. We eagerly tossed clothes into the donate pile that no longer fit. Next, I made my way to the toybox. With much internal myrth and merriment I sorted through the "giblets" that for a year have been tossed in there. (This is comprised of stuff like the high bounce balls or plastic toy cars we always seem to attract any time we either go to the dentist or a birthday party.) Finally, as #4 was starting to hit the whiney "dear Lord woman, would you please let me go to bed" phase, I started attacking the closet. When I opened the door, stuff was piled (no joke) waist high. I grabbed another couple of white trash bags and started tossing. "Trash. Donate. Trash. Trash. Trash. Donate." You get the picture.

"Hrm... black dress pants," I said as I could almost see the floor. I think for 4 months now, I have consistently walked into this same bedroom and found them lurking under the dresser, under the bed, behind the toybox... each time I say pleasantly (but with ever-growing firmness in my voice) "Please hang these up in your closet!" I guess I have to give him half-credit (like on an English quiz when you get the answer half right). He, at least, made it to the closet this time. All-in-all, I spent as much time with the closet clutter as I did with the other two locations. The last thing I did before hubby ran me out of there so that #4 could finally get some much needed shut-eye was to strip the bed. When I walked out of the room and looked back to see the progress we made I just smiled.

On so many different levels (purr) this was better than therapy. 1) I got to spend time with my husband doing something productive, together. 2) This room is not only clean, but there are fewer things to be taken out and left lying around. 3) Being the dustiest room in our house, there are fewer dust bunnies to blow out into the hall. Ah, the joys of hardwood floors. 4) Most importantly, it gives me huge pleasure to surprise someone with something wonderful, like, say,... cleanliness. Doing something for someone else is one of those luxuries that I relish. I just can't wait to see the look on each of the kids' faces when they come home this weekend. I know for a fact that no one will remember a bouncy ball with a toy fish inside that was never played with other than right after the dental appointment.

So, THAT is the answer to the question above. Me-ow!


lizzerd said...

he had STILL not hung up those black pants????!!!! you told him to do that when i was there. ugh! yes, he is julia's cousin! i constantly have to re-wash clean clothes that never get put away, but somehow end up on the floor, get stepped on & dirty, dusty, then into the laundry basket when it is time to clean up!

:o) mg said...

I figured you say something about how you HATED when I would clean your room when we were kids. You would probably remember the high bounce ball. Sorta like Mom remembers the whole Raggedy Ann incident and won't EVER let us live it down!

Kathy/Lessons from the Laundry said...

Wow...so productive. I'm envious. My cats are away at camp and I've had high hopes of doing some of the same. You've inspired me.

lizzerd said...

well, i was going to say, at least you didn't find a liverwurst sammich in there! hahaha and yes, i did HATE it when you & mom cleaned my room!

Leah said...

I love this post. I came back this afternoon after lunch to see some more of you, and I am laughing out loud!
I didscovered a secret to the gutteral yowl at the witching hour. Chamomille tea (I think I spelled that right). Chamomille directly affects the brain, calming it. Trust me, I have to drink a glass first thing every morning, or else our school day turns into an all day howl and yowl fest.
Anyway, I too, love to give the gift of cleanliness, even if it is short lived when they come home. I love that feeling of accomplishing something that absolutely needed to be tackled.
Bless you and I look forward to 'talking' with you some more!