Tuesday, March 23, 2010

things associated with shame

  • Not being in tune enough with what you have done or left undone to feel like you will be making a good confession....
  • Oh wait, gluttony and sloth both come to mind.
  • Which reminds me to mention that last night King and I tried Talenti "Double Dark Chocolate" gelato.
  • Remembering that 4 months has passed since I have been to the gym.
  • Putting on workout clothes, even socks and tennis shoes, but using the fact that I had One. Disaster. After. Another. this morning as an excuse not to go.
  • Body size - as in "if I get any bigger, I won't even fit through the Pearly Gates.


lizzerd said...

you need to get rid of that guilt & not beat yourself up. you have 5 children, a very busy household & a lot on your plate (so to speak). not that those are excuses, i'm just saying...cut yourself some slack, woman!
and always remember.....your mother loves you unconditionally--whether you are fat or not! ;)
(so do i!!!!!)

MaryPat said...

Bah! You are not big, except for your personality! And trying to find time for yourself is nearly impossible when you have as much going on as you do--I don't think it's good to feel ashamed that something as tough as getting a workout has fallen off the plate. Many people struggle with this and don't have so many commitments to get in their way. It's very difficult. It's better to just cut yourself some slack, and try again tomorrow. At least you got your gear on!

Bia said...

you just always amaze me on how you get everything done . . . you have five children, you volunteer, you entertain, you made all those munchkin dress for the aquinas production, you give of yourself in so many ways...you are great, girlfriend!

Laura said...

I went to the gym after not having gone for about 3 weeks.
It felt so very good.
Just GETTING there was the challenge.