Monday, July 12, 2010

summer reading list con't

Just finished:
On a Street Called Easy, In a Cottage Called Joye - a very generous friend lent me this book about two men who restored a 60 room home in Aiken, SC. Having restored the home we are in, I loved hearing all the stories of disasterous events and successful outcomes.

Also have these two books going on simultaneously:
Surprised by Joy - the story of C.S. Lewis' early life
The Art of Racing in the Rain - a story told from the viewpoint of the family's dog

How 'bout you?


Catherine B. said...

I just finished "have a little faith" by Mitch Albom (true story) and a beautiful read. I don't know if you've ever ready anything of his, but he has a great way of painting wonderful pictures...simply. If you'd like to borrow let me know.

lizzerd said...

i'll let you know when i start my big 3 (1984, the fountainhead & atlas shrugged). got lots to get done before i'll feel safe diving into any of those tomes!

Maureen said...

Read The Help next!
My mom loved it, I loved it, just about everyone I know loved it (except for my mom's friend's mother who maybe saw herself in the book a bit too much).

:o) mg said...

I'd love to borrow it Catherine! And Maureen, so many people have mentioned it that I am going to have to read it soon. Thanks!

lizzerd said...

the secret life of bees. read the book, then see the movie. i was glad they stuck closely to the book in the movie!