Sunday, July 11, 2010

mini empty nest

Kids are at gramma's and King and I have several days to ourselves.
Is this what retirement & empty nest will feel like?

Much to the dismay of many, most especially grannykins, this is the first time we have left the kids with my mom. They have spent the night with King's parents, who live a mile away, and even with their aunt who lives an hour away; but, although she has begged each summer, the fact that she is 4 hours away just seemed like a little too far.

Since there is nothing the kids have going on this week that would prevent their being out of town, and in light of the fact that I am ready to let go, I am quite peaceful about them being THAT far away. The two little ones are able to communicate their needs and the older three are able to help out with nearly any disaster.

Because feeding five kids, one being a teenage boy, is pricey, King and I decided we should provide Mom with meals: red beans & rice, pot roast, lunchmeat & sandwich cheese, plenty of pb&j, etc and gave her $100 for whatever other activities they want to do. Might not go far, but it will help.

I know. I know. This all could be thought of as Controlling and Obsessive, but I prefer to think we were being Overly Responsible, Helpful, and Thoughtful.
(*sigh* "You say tomato...")
I think mom, the kids, and King all thought I'd be a basket case as we pulled away from her house today, but I was fine. Chipper, even! Funny thing was they were the ones who had a slight catch in their voices.
Not me, buddy. I may be slow, but I get there!

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lizzerd said...

they are doing fine. and, if all else fails, i am only 1.5 hours away (they way i drive).
i figured #5 would have a melt down at bedtime, but mom said she did great. yay!
i'm SO glad you & king are getting some alone time! now, that being said...please don't make me an aunt again! hahahhaa it's all i can do to remember 1-5's birthdays! ;)