Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a poem for the end of summer break

Summer break is winding down.
We've been out of town
every weekend
since the last weekend of May.
Kids moods
ebbing and flowing.
Can't believe I haven't yet said those words.
For so many summers
they have escaped my lips way before now.
But like a thunderstorm in the distance
I can feel them
They aren't quite ready to come out.
But when they do
watch out!
"Gosh, I can't wait for y'all to go back to school!"


lizzerd said...

yeah, i feel ya! i am pretty excited about having all of mine in school.

Perryn said...

the kids here on the isle of man have only just finished for the summer and already i can't wait for them to go back in september. the next one to run/cycle across my front lawn is going to be REAL sorry!!!

only upside to school holiday time is that the commuter traffic is virtually non-existent as parents are no longer driving their little "darlings" the 300 yards from the front door to the school gate!!!

@ lizzerd - what are you going to do with yourself with all that quiet time now that all three of your gorgeous girls will be in the wild and wacky world of education?!