Sunday, July 18, 2010

follow-up letter

Dear JM Class of 1985,

You people ROCK. You are like family and it has been way too long.
Remember how anxious I was a few weeks ago? Well, all of that melted away when I first saw Sheila and Tracie in the hotel and got to hug their necks.
Tonight was a blast and I don't think any of us wanted it to end.
Do your feet hurt as bad as mine do? Pass the Motrin, will ya?
God bless you til we meet again.

:o) mg


lizzerd said...

So glad you had a good time. i mean, how could you not? you went to school with a great group of folks (wish i could say the same about wilkes)! i actually thought for a split second about crashing your reunion. (wouldn't that have been fun?! hehehe)
to all your classmates who read this & remember the pesky little sister...HEY!!!!! ;)

Perryn said...

am SO glad you had such a fun time and that your anxieties of a little while back came to nothing!

thankfully, i am spared even minor anxiety, as on my side of the pond, we don't seem to do high school reunions. actually it's no bad thing that we don't do reunions, as all i'd want to go along for is to slap the crap out of everyone who made my school life miserable because i was fat and bookish rather than trendy and cool! (as you can tell, as far as high school goes, i haven't gotten the hang of the forgiveness thing yet...!!!!!)