Monday, July 12, 2010

come on down to the gutter with me.... double dog dare ya!

Ok, I know this is extremely disgusting, but
it's just how my fertile little pea-sized brain works.

Have you ever known or seen an adult male who just couldn't stop scratching his... well, his... er... his family jewels? I'm not talking about that once in a blue moon thing. I am talking about the kind of scratching that actually distracts you when you are in a conversation with the dude. I'm talking the kind of itch-fest that makes you not want to stand too close, lest one of "dem bugs" jumps on you!

Ok, so my question is this: Why do you think it happens? Do you have any scratcher stories? Come on down in the gutter with me and be as silly or as factual as you care to.

1 comment:

lizzerd said...

1-crotch crickets, bloomer beetles, panty pests, nut gnats, etc
2-a fungus amongus. major itchiness there!
3-heat rash
5-allergic reaction to detergent/fabric softener
6-nervous habit
7-late night "leftovers" EW!
could be anything. but, i'd put money on 1 or 2, mostly 2.