Thursday, July 22, 2010

oh, the difference a week makes

Last week I ran two loads of dishes all week long. This week I have run two loads per day with stuff that still won't fit and has to wait til the next load.

Last week I did one load of laundry, but there wasn't enough to do two. This week, Mt. Washmore!

Last week all the clean surfaces stayed clean. This week... well there aren't any clean surfaces no matter how hard I try.

Last week was calm and quite peaceful. This week I cannot hear myself think and my nerves are on edge.

Last week I heard the beloved sound of clocks ticking. This week I hear the beloved sounds of kids in the house.


lizzerd said...

just how cold & wet is that rag of reality? hahaha

:o) mg said...

Ok, actually, I lied about the kid sounds being beloved.

lizzerd said...

hahhaahaaha you're so evil! muahahaha