Saturday, August 22, 2009

we're nearly there

Number 5 is nearly finished potty training. I'd say within a week, our work will be complete. She is staying dry so much of the time with only an accident here or there.

So, barring no unforeseens, NO MORE DIAPERS.

I'll tell you, what is sad is that she will be going to Mother's Morning Out two days a week and they ask that we send the children in Pull Ups. I sort of guess that is going to set her back a bit. Stupid Pull Ups. I started having much better success when I put regular panties on her. She realized what she was doing/when she was going better than when wearing a Pull Up... "basically a diaper".

Wonder if I will notice the influx of money?

1 comment:

lizzerd said...

could you do a pull up over panties? do they not make exceptions for those who are already potty trained?