Monday, August 10, 2009

happy first day of school, y'all

So many friends of mine and I are saying things to each other like, "Can you believe it is the first day of school, already?" "You ready for it?" "No." "Summer isn't long enough." So on and so on.

But, y'know, I think it is good that we all feel this way. It means that we all enjoyed the summer. Although we wish we could extend the beach trips and stay-in-your-jammies kind of mornings, it is good that the kids start back while they are still in our good graces. It is so much better this way rather than what would be the alternative: "Gawd, I am so sick of their fighting." "If school doesn't hurry up and start, I may not have kids TO send to school." "Ugh, they are getting on my nerves!" and so on.

So, taking a cue from Michael Jordan, when he retired at the peak of his career, I will be happy with today.

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