Wednesday, August 5, 2009

childhood favorites

Little Jenny Wren, the incredibly talented Australian doll-maker who made #5's sweet dolly this year, is having a very generous give-away to celebrate turning 50. She asks her entrants to tell her about their favorite outfit from childhood, no matter if it was lovingly handmade by mom, or equally as lovingly store bought.
Here is a picture of one of my very favorites from childhood: a cotton knit top with different colored buttons. It wasn't even so much that it was "the coolest thing since sliced bread", but moreso that one of my very favorite people in the universe, my cousin, had one exactly like it.
It's amazing how much cousins influence how we grow up. I thought my older cousins surely hung the moon. I can see it now with my own children as they idolize their own cousins. No one can lift your spirits like a cousin can. Getting mail or a phone call from a cousin can lift you higher than a hunk o'fudge.

ps- I'm the one on the left.


:o) mg said...

A friend commented that the picture of me looks like #3 at a young age... so true.

Anonymous said...

MG, ... and #1 and #5! What a cute picture. Is that MD with you? Cousins are the bomb...especially talented ones like you! A

:o) mg said...

Yepper, it is her. Athough then, I suppose, it was ML.
Thanks for being one of those older cousins I admire so.