Thursday, August 6, 2009

don't be curious

King and I joined Netflix, as I may have mentioned, and last night the movie we watched was The Curious Case of Benjamin Button . It was a very long movie with some pretty cool scenery. Cate Blanchett is beautiful in it. Brad Pitt is pretty good. But, I have to tell you, I hated the movie. It wasn't because of the storyline, or the acting, or because it was a decade long. I didn't like it because it is a bitter reminder that we are getting old. The man that I adore is growing old. I am growing old. I want so badly to be able to freeze time when we were young and newly married. Before children. We were spontaneous. We were joyous. We were SO. MUCH. IN. LOVE.

We love our children. We are still very much in love. But, we are no longer spontaneous. We are more frustrated than we were and we stay stressed 85% of the time or more. Life is slipping away while we have our noses to the grindstone trying to mold these beautiful children of God in the way they should go. We no longer have that wonderful, stay-in-bed-all-day, ooey-gooey on screen romance like that of Benjamin and Daisy.

Funny, a young friend of mine happened to watch the same movie the same night and commented that she LOVED it. The difference is that she is currently in that wonderful young love phase of her life. She is also a dancer and as beautiful as Cate Blanchett or better. Which leads me to another reason that I didn't like the movie. *sigh* Time has a cruel, cruel sense of humor.


Maureen said...

Aww the last part is cute!

Anonymous said...

MG, Did you think that Cate Blanchett's performance was much stronger than Brad Pitt's? After I watched the movie I wondered why her name wasn't in the Oscar buzz and his was. The irony of the film is that neither Cate or Brad are in the ooey-gooey stage of life either.Can you even imagine how crazy his home life is?! So take heart! Anita

lizzerd said...

you are the only ones who can change the fact that you are no longer spontaneous. i think your lives need a little of that. it sure keeps things fun & the kids will have better memories instead of programmed ones. you know i love ya, but you do tend to have a stick up your.... about some things. not that i'm telling you something you don't know.

:o) mg said...

I do, however, know when to keep my mouth shut. And I look forward to what you have to say when you are staring down the barrel of 42.
Lucky for you that you have such a stick-in-the-mud older sister to learn what NOT to do. Look, Liz,a squirrel.

:o) mg said...

ps- I must have given the impression that I would trade the kids for being able to be in the bedroom all day. NOT true. Just don't care for this gettin' old bizness and thought it ironic that a young friend of mine watched it the same night we did and loved it.