Friday, August 7, 2009

gotta love an engineer mind

This morning, King and I were having one of those sweet, relaxed-over-breakfast, enjoying-the-last-day-of-summer-break-before-the-kids-go-back-to-school, kind of conversations. Among the things we talked about: I have almost known him longer than I knew my dad: 21 years. So, after he went to his office he sent me this email:

You knew your Dad for 20 yrs 316 days. You have known me now for 20 yrs 310 days. So on August 12, 2009, you will have known each of us the same amount of time, and after that date, me for longer.

I Love you, and it is with immense honor that I could even begin to compare with your Dad.

Tee hee hee, isn't that silly/wonderful/fun that he would have put all that engineering and math to such frivolous use this morning. God, I am so blessed and thankful to have TWO incredible men in my life.


Catherine B. said...

That's the sweetest engineer I know!

Anonymous said...

MG, King the Engineer has two beautiful likenesses to Your Dad: immense kindness and devoted love for you. You are indeed blessed! So are they for that matter! ILY, A

lizzerd said...

well, in a few years, juan & i will have crossed that line as well. although, Dad has been gone 6 years longer than he was alive in my lifetime. a rather tragic milestone, i must say.