Monday, August 24, 2009


Today was the day I could no longer stand long hair on my sons. I have not had the time to get to them, but they needed their quarterly buzz. More like a flat top than a buzz cut, really, it is so nice to look at them and not see all that extra fluff.

But, uh, sorry about the front yard honey.


Sandy said...

Did you do the cutting? DS, who wears his very short, does his own. Stingy butt hates giving that money to someone else.

:o) mg said...

Yes, I do and for the same stingy reason that your DS has. ALTHOUGH, I do pay to have mine done.

lizzerd said...

juan likes to do his own merely because he doesn't like how anyone else does it. he has even paid to have it cut, then come straight home & buzzed it off because it was not "right."