Friday, August 24, 2007

y'see, stuff like this doesn't help

Yesterday I took #4 to meet his Mother's Morning Out teachers and let him play in his new classroom at Open House. There were a lot of 2-ish year olds running around, testing out the new toys, fighting over the cars, (there are a lot of boys which will be in his class) putting odd stuff into the little washing machine and dryer (what do boys know about washers or dryers?) and scribbling with crayons on color sheets that the teachers had out. Fun, right? Yes. It was for him. For me it was a different experience. I picked up on the slightest difference between the
OTHER MOTHERS ........................AND MYSELF.


Leah said...

You don't look like that!

Anyway, can it wisdom, not age. You are a woman full of years with wisdom under her wings. Something I bet those other mothers would like to harness!

:o) mg said...

And you, Leah, are a woman filled to the brim with kindness. Thank you!

laundrylessons said...

How funny. I see young mothers and think, "I was not hot when I was a young mother!" They all seem so done. I think it has something to do with clothing styles. I wore highwaisted shorts and floral print t-shirts with toddlers. Now they where designer jeans and spaghetti straped tanks. least I'm wise enough not to have tatoos!

:o) mg said...

I laugh at these young folks who have butterflies at the base of their backs. One day they will be in a nursing home and that butterfly will have "migrated south" a bit. Let's just say when I imagine the flapping of their wings, I get sorta tickled.

lizzerd said...

when you pop out your babies at 19, you bounce back better than we did at the ripe old ages when we had our kids. their bodies will one day fall apart, too and it will more traumatic for them because they once looked good. we never have, so we're used to it all being flabby!
i love ya!

Sandy said...

I have never looked like the gal in left picture but if the dye was out of my hair and it was longer, the picture on the right could have been taken yesterday.

What I love are the road maps on the legs. And people wonder why I don't wear shorts.