Wednesday, August 8, 2007

my kind of bargain

Tonight King and I did something we've never done before. We worked out. Together! Thirty minutes on the treadmill, ten on the elliptical, and then we did ab crunches on one of those oversized ball thingies. (I'm sure they must have a more formal name.) Finally we stretched those muscles that haven't seen activity in awhile. It's been a few weeks for mine and then 9 months before that. Hubby's haven't seen this kind of activity in quite awhile, despite his royal slimness.

It sort of dawned on us about the same time this afternoon. I was lamenting not working out lately and he was agreeing that "yeah, I really wish I could get some exercise too". As simple of an idea as it is, it hadn't been feasible before for various reasons. So, I put in a call to the "Y" and found out that for an extra $16 per month, we could upgrade to a family membership.

Life with 5 kids and one income ain't cheap, but if a little over $200 per year can not only give us the opportunity to achieve better health, but can also give us quality time together, it's a very good thing.


lizzerd said...

YAY!!!! i am so glad y'all are doing this together. now you have a work out partner! :o)

Leah said... they have a child care center while you and hubby work out?

:o) mg said...

oh yeah baby!!!