Monday, August 13, 2007

pass the butterflies, please

The first day of school is officially here!

We woke up extra early. Everyone got dressed without complaining about being sleepy. I got their hair all coiffed so that they could make a good "first impression". After everyone ate breakfast and got their teeth brushed, I pulled out my ever-handy camera (duct tape holding its battery door closed) and snapped the traditional "pose in the kitchen" before heading out the door. (Why do I have a case of the butterflies?!?)

We loaded up the car.... er...truck, no... hmm what DO you call this thing I drive now... SUV! and headed to school. On the way I asked if anyone was opposed to me taking their picture in their new classroom (read: too cool to be seen with a camera-toting mom or proud/ smiling dad). To my shock, all were willing. After walking each kid to class, snapping several shots, then milling around chatting with other excited parents, King and I came back home to get our Monday morning started.
It's quiet. Number 5 is down for her morning nap. The only sounds I hear are the hum of the dryer and number 4 in the living room playing with his toys and watching Sesame Street (gosh, I despise the sound of Elmo's voice!).

So, here I am. Just as the kids are launching into a new school year where they will make new friendships and acquire more knowledge and experiences, so too am I launching into the hustle and bustle of the season, which has a hum all of its own.

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