Monday, August 6, 2007

when things are found

I don't know if he reads blogs or not, but we are indebted to St. Anthony!! With the help of his intercession, hubby's keys have been found! What a light feeling "relief" is. No more gloomy black cloud. No more worrying that a stranger will find the keys outside and have not only a key to our home, but keys to three cars, one for himself and two others for friends.

After thanking God for the nagging feeling that I should look on top of the tv cabinet (thought we had looked there) I went to Google and once again searched for a prayer. This time I looked for a prayer of thanksgiving. King and I prayed it together and then let out a huge sigh of relief.

Prayer of Thanksgiving
St. Anthony, God has helped me abundantly through your prayer and has strengthened me in my need. I thank God and I thank you. Accept this prayer and my serious resolve which I now renew, to live always in the love of Jesus and of my neighbor. Continue to shield me by your protection and pray to God for the final grace of one day entering the kingdom of heaven to sing with you the everlasting mercies of God. Amen.


Leah said...

Praise the Lord!
Remember Jesus said, "Do not worry about anything..."
I always remind my mother that Jesus didn't say..."Do not worry about anything, except you mothers. You all have free reign to worry about your children (and keys) to eternity."
It makes me giggle to think we have some right to worry especially when Jesus said DON'T.

Sandy said...

I am so happy to hear that you found your keys.