Friday, August 10, 2007

sad, but true

Today is the last day of summer vacation. We have had a blast. No, we didn't get to go camping like we had wanted and we didn't get to the beach, but we DID get to do a lot. In fact, we did way more than I thought was possible for a family with 5 children, one of which is still an infant, one of which is a monster.
Yesterday, as we were stuck in the car running a million errands, I asked each of the kids what was their favorite thing we did. Not one of them could narrow it down to one thing. So they each gave me their top three. The two big family reunions we went to ranked big with all three kids as did getting to spend time with their cousins. Swimming with friends was high on #3's list. The glass blower was part of #1's list. When they thought back over these past 10 weeks, and we reminded each other of just how many opportunities we've had for fun, they were amazed. I was too. (Gold medals in the "effort" category for Mom and Dad!)

We did not sit idly by, whining about having nothing to do. My favorite part was the fact that (except for that first week) I did not once wish that school was still in session


Leah said...

Our schools don't go back until August 27th, but I homeschool, so I don't get to be excited about sending them away.
Happy for all those other moms who can send their children to school, though!

lizzerd said...

wow! julia starts back the 27th. i was thinking of popping down there for a visit before she goes back, but i guess i won't since y'all will be back in school. darn it!