Thursday, February 14, 2013


Last night at midnight I was in a deep sleep when I heard an awful banging noise, I even felt our bed and the floor under it vibrating from the racket.  Determined to pull myself  out from the deep slumber, I forced my mouth to form the words. "Somebody is in our house!" "Somebody is in our house!"  No noise came out.  My eyes wouldn't open.  I was paralyzed in my bed. 
Time was of the essence, there were people who had broken into our home by climbing in the window of our dining room!  They didn't even care how much noise they were making, the brazen thugs.  They would be upstairs in no time.  We were not safe.  I had to get the phone and dial the police. 
My eyes were glued shut.  I could tell my tongue and teeth were trying to make the words, but my mouth wouldn't open.  I knew I'd have to keep saying it over and over until I was fully awake.  "Somebody is in our house!"  "Somebody is in our house!" My breath had to be pushed out to finally get even a whisper of a noise out. 

Finally I was awake.  "Somebody is in our house!" I was at last able to say in an audible tone. 

King awoke.  "What?! Are you sure?  I didn't hear anything?"  He looked over at the keypad, "The alarm is still on."  But with my insistance that I felt the bed shake from all the noise, he grabbed his shotgun and headed downstairs.   

Nobody.  Everything was safe.  He looked out the windows and all was normal.  We heard traffic sounds from a couple of blocks away.  He climbed back into bed and I tried to settle myself down.  We listened to the nighttime noises for awhile and tried to explain away what it was I could have heard and felt. 

Such a weird feeling.  Such a very weird feeling. 


Mollie Baney said...

That is the worst feeling EVER! I can't recall how many times I have woken up from a noise I heard, or thought I heard then lay there and wonder what I heard or didn't hear. Ugh! Don't even get me started on being half awake and thinking that a shadow in the room is someone standing there. I need to quit hanging shirts to dry along the top of the closet. Ha!

:o) mg said...

Oh, gosh, I know! It happened again last night, although when I awoke, I was able to tell myself "it was nothing".... still very odd.

Anonymous said...

You're about to be abducted by aliens...or the government for experimentation and "probing". Just a warning.