Tuesday, February 12, 2013

the next 40 days

What are you giving up/incorporating into your life this Lenten season?

My kids have sworn off:
  • fighting with each other
  • candy
  • gum (^? You'd think.... but no.  It apparently needs its own classification.)
  • cracking knuckles
  • TV
  • computer time
  • sweets ('cept the cake and ice cream on no 5's burffday)
King and I are also giving up sweets, offering up the torturous time on the elliptical for souls in purgatory (or where ever there are souls who need somebody offering something up for them), and, as special family time, reading/discussing the upcoming Sunday's Mass readings (y'know.. since we'll be all "Kumbaya", "the Lion shall lie down with the Lamb", etc.  from the lack of fighting siblings).

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