Monday, February 4, 2013

does this bother any of y'all...

...when people who 'aren't from around here' think that
Southerners are so damn stupid?
Slow burning coals of anger,
passed down through
Yankee, go home!


MaryPat said...

aw. I'm crushed...*sniff.
actually I bristle when I hear that kind of thing too, but there are so many stereotypes good and bad going on you kind of have to ignore them generally, or have some fun with the idjit that refs them-either/or.
and my girls have lived here most of their lives-this is home to them, all they remember. so I think I do feel a little defensive on their behalf.
but ignorance above and below the mason-dixon is exactly the same, in my experience.

:o) mg said...

Oh, girl, I have never gotten the impression from you that you think we Southerners are stupid... besides, whether you like it or not, I consider you to be one of us, so, nanny nanny boo boo. ;) xoxo

NO, I am referring to those who come down here and brag about how much they hate the South. Which begs the question, "Why the hell are you still here?" And, "Who's the stupid one now?" I always want to ask, but never have.

Perryn said...

Here on the Isle of Man we have much the same problem with "Come Overs" (i.e. those from the adjacent island (England) who come for work and low taxes and then complain about how this and that is so much better in England or how backward the Manx are. Well, we have a standard response for them: "If you don't like it here, there's a boat in the mornin' yessir".

Anita said...

Yes, yes, yes..y'all!

MaryPat said...

Thank you lady, love you lots!
And by the way, the outsider sentiment isn't lost on me--everyone who isn't from Maine is referred to as "from away" no matter how long they may have lived there, and whether they are nice people or not, haha! xo