Monday, February 4, 2013

here's my sign: work in progress

Lookie here what I done made.

But, as it usually is with me, there's a story behind it.  Y'see, it's like this:

Without sounding like a Holy Roller....
wait, who said, "too late!"? 
 .....our group has been looking at the Big Ten with a little bit stronger magnifying glass.  This week's chapter was regarding the Fourth - Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy.
Well, He has had me work on this one before.  I remember a couple of years ago hearing that I should not be doing work for which I earn money, so I have made some progress on this one.  But with seven people living in these 3000 sq ft, and what with Monday being the next day and all, well it's a little difficult not to take full advantage of the fact that everyone is home from work/school and I have many more hands to help do the chores.  So Sunday has typically been our catching-up-from-the-week-getting-prepared-for-the-next-week chore day.
When I looked through that magnifying lens....
I realized that it's not just the "work for pay" thing He means.   
And so, I realized I have some more time coming up soon in the Refiner's kiln.
My sassy, "*ugh* Why now, Lord?!" stream of consciousness moments included: 
  • Frankly speaking, it's a little inconvenient, seeing as the house has not had a decent spring cleaning for many springtimes now.
  • Grumble, grumble.
  • But, I have a list!
However, the Holy Spirit whispered to me, and I can't ignore His voice.
I shared what was going on with King.  We talked it over and then together came up with a goal, which he thought was brilliant.
("Aahhh, more time on the golf course for me", he no doubt realized.)
So, we sat down with the kids and told them what was going on.  "We've been getting it wrong for quite some time now.  And so because Daddy and I are still learning and growing in God's ways, we have come up with a goal...
not. doing. anything.on.Sundays.
There was much rejoicing.
I told them how hard it was going to be (for me especially), and to not expect (me) to get it right all the time, but that it was a goal to work toward.  "We are going to start the spring cleaning process (trust me, it'll be late summer before it's all done) on Saturday and bust. it. until time to get ready for Saturday night's Vigil Mass.  Then we are done until Monday.
It is so stupid, but I was petrified.  I even had to pray about it, "Lord, I don't know how to relax.  I'm gonna need help on this one."
What would I even do to relax?  It's too soon to think I could just sit around on a couch or laze around outside (besides it's much too cold for my self-diagnosed-Raynaud's-diseased self).  I thought about it for quite some time.
What will I do to relax?  What do I enjoy? 
King and no. 2 had no problem coming up with their relaxing activity:  golf!  Heck, even no. 5 signed up to accompany them.  "I wanna go, I love golfin'!"  She even picked out an outfit and had it sitting on the bed for the upcoming "holiday."
(Interesting to note: the origin of the word holiday
is actually from two words holy day)
Sunday morning.  I had decided what to do.  First of all I was going to put on my dressier clothes - the ones I wore to Mass the night before.  It would remind me that I couldn't do any cleaning, lest I bleach my favorite pants.  Second of all I would play games (Parcheesi with no. 4 and no. 1), and the thing I would do to relax would be to make the doll I have always wanted to make, but never took the time to.
And so there you have it.  But I think I may have still gotten it wrong....  because as I type this, I realize that I am still using the term 'do'... to try to define the concept of 'relax.'
I am going to be on the lookout for a stronger powered magnifier to see if I can find the answer on how to simply 'be.'  In the meantime, I guess I will stick to 'doing' things I simply enjoy.

ps-Jayne and I folded laundry this morning.  She agreed to be my visual reminder of the 'no work on Sunday' goal.

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Anita said...

Maybe a good old Sunday afternoon nap with Jayne will do the trick. It's a favorite at our house.