Wednesday, September 30, 2009

somebody's gotta do it

While waiting to pick up my daughter after school yesterday (remember: freshman in a Catholic high school where there is a dress code) my eyes are burned by the state of undress of one of the students, who I understand to be a senior. She has on a skirt so short that when she puts her arms straight down her side, the hem of the skirt hits at the palm of her hand. She is also wearing stiletto heels.

I had to write a letter to the principal. I mean, who else but the self-named Dress Code Nazi could (or would) step up and say something? Sadly, the response I got back was not much more than a patronizing head patting.

On a related note, "Butt-Head", the 15 year old son of a friend of mine said he'd be glad to recruit her for his high school.


Catherine B. said...

I am beyond disappointed that it has become the "duty" of a parent (not the student's parent apparently) to enforce the by-laws of the school. Private??? Catholic?? It's beginning to seem that the similarities between public and private are pretty blurry. (Mass not included)

MargaretJDMom said...

Good for you. Sad that it even has to be done!! Perhaps you at least got the principal thinking about it!!