Sunday, September 6, 2009

deep thoughts

Several years ago, Saturday Night Live had a regular feature: Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy.
Here are some deep thoughts I have had today:

If you chronicled every person's status messages on Facebook, you really get a glimpse of where their treasure lies. Sad when all the posts have to deal with being frustrated with children and/or husbands and how much they are looking forward to the next drink.

The next deep thought today has to do with the second coming of Christ. You know how history repeats itself? Well, I so much see humanity as the new Israelites in the desert. Our freedom from bondage, slavery into the promised land depends on us all being on the same page. We have become so distracted by golden calves that we can no longer see the goal. What if it is ME who is holding us all back? What if it is the homeless dude you pass on the way to work? What if it is the manager of the grocery store around the corner? What if it is you?

Finally, I would like to redefine for our government the definition of "poor". Poor is not the person sitting on the couch on their front porch screaming at their children whose only crime is acting their age. The one drawing welfare because they are too lazy to work, despite the fact that they seem to have so little.
Poor is that person we all have passed on the street. You know the one. The one whose leathery face is pinched and angry. Screaming and cursing at someone near. An invisible person. No one else is in sight. The person who is tormented by invisible demons.

Deep thoughts. Not too funny though.


Lori @ Just Pure Lovely said...

Such beautiful thoughts. Thank you for taking the time to share them! Thank you, also, for taking the time to send me an email which I so rudely procrastinated in answering. I'm cleaning out my inbox TODAY and not tomorrow this time! ;)

I'll be back soon, I'm sure.

:o) mg said...

I hope so. :o)

Anita said...

Thanks for the deep thoughts. Radio Guy said he got a sweet email from you. We love you too. Now, I really think the peanut butter cookies should make the blog!!