Thursday, September 17, 2009

oh yeah, guess what?

Number 5, who King has nicknamed "Self" because she is always wanting to "doitmyself" is wearing

Oh yeah, very nice. I am loving all the money we are saving from not having to buy diapers/Pull Ups. Two very special people have given her Dora panties and she just loves them.

Also... are you ready for this?


Yep. Can you believe it? It is sort of bittersweet though. When King and I were taking the crib (which she actually loved) down, she looked dumbfounded and then with a wee, small, sad little voice she said, "but, that's my.... jumping bed."

Stab me with a knife, will ya?

I would have left the crib up, I promise. It's just that in the night, she was waking up needing to go potty (though she is not nighttime trained yet) and we figured that she could either "doitmyself" or come into our room and ask for help in the night rather than waking up crying.


lizzerd said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! please give her hugs from her favorite aunt on her mother's side! i'm so proud of her (and you) for this great accomplishment. no more marcies, i guess. we have some princess panties if she wants them.

Anita said...

Congrats to Self!

Sandy said...

Jersie is into the "doitmyself" stage too. Now if we can just get her into the big girl panties.