Saturday, September 5, 2009

wake up people

The children came home from school one day this week and mentioned that when they went to daily Mass the priest said that our Bishop has stated that we can no longer shake hands at the Sign of Peace. Nor will there be any Precious Blood offered at Communion.

Catholic or not, just think about that for a second.

Beyond sad. Obama's swine flu has made people scared of actually being a Christian. Scared to receive their Savior in the Eucharist because of germs.

Satan has entered the building people. Wake up!

Christ embraced lepers but we can't shake hands with someone who might have the flu? Where is the faith here? Isn't He bigger than germs? I don't even remember this kind of brouhaha when AIDS was rampant. For God's sake, have a Purell dispenser just before the Holy Water Font. Before Communion, ask those who are germy to refrain, but don't cut us ALL off from receiving Jesus in the Eucharist.

They'll know we are Christian by our love fear.


Sandy said...


Anita said...

Amen! God is stronger than germs.

lizzerd said...

WHAT????!!!!!!! that is the craziest thing i have ever heard! you should write the bishop just what you wrote here. (the part about the lepers is gold!)
so, if you can't shake hands, i guess you'll just have to hug everybody, or do what i'd do & defy orders. that gets me into more trouble than i'd care to recal, but it makes a point.
keep fighting the good fight, sister!!
love you!!!

Margaretjdmom said...

If I remember correctly, the blessed sacrament in the host and/or the blood contains Our Lord "body,blood, soul, and divinity" so either species is sort of a a two for one special. So, we really aren't missing out! I am more annoyed that I have to receive on the hand. I have been doing it on the tounge since I was 8 and its hard to do it properly on the hand while holding a kid!!

:o) mg said...

You are correct that Christ is fully in both. I just cringe that the outside world is slowly seeping in through the cracks through these weak spots. This decision does nothing to strengthen faith.

I know what you mean about holding a kid and having to receive on the hand. I had just gotten to the point that I was in the habit of receiving on the tongue.

su said...

Once--no kidding and not even descreetly--After the sign of peace a women in front of me took from her purse a bottle of purell, used it, then passed it on to her family. After they had all followed mom's cleansing routine, it was placed back in mom's purse. no doubt for the next Sunday. don't think I'll ever get over seeing that--