Tuesday, January 31, 2012

the zinger

My two sons were lingering at the breakfast table this morning.  The elder reading the day's comics, the younger reading his library book, Scholastic's 2010 Almanac for Kids, filled with fun and interesting facts about all kinds of cool stuff.

"My Very Eager Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas!  That's how I remember the planet names.  "'My' stands for Mercury, 'Very' stands for Venus..," he babbled on and on.  Finally he got to the end of the list, "... and 'Pizzas' stands for Pluto!"

"Is Pluto a planet?" my oldest son asked from behind the comics, remembering that just a few years ago, scientists said it wasn't. 
It was an emotional time for us.
You prolly should have sent flowers.
But perhaps you, too, were mourning the demotion.

"Of course Pluto is a planet!" Number 4 was starting to get a little testy since his big brother was demonstrating such ignorance about this important subject.
"In fact, it's a dwarf planet," he said, slowing down for the words 'dwarf' and 'planet' so that his seemingly unintelligent older brother could understand the words.

"A dwarf planet.  And the only people who can live there are dwarfs like you!"


Anita said...

You are going to be so glad you wrote that down. So many treasures in this blog!

vcrick said...


lizzerd said...

i thought it was a planetoid now. like, ha hemorrhoid, only a LOT bigger.

Sheila Joyce Hunt said...

That's funny! I remember the order of my planets from a diddy that Mr. Sexton taught me in 5th grade (u may remember too)...Mary Very Easily Made Jam Sitting UnderNeath Pluto! Funny how things like that and Roy G. Biv stickk with you!!! That is also how I taught my children.