Wednesday, January 11, 2012

under the eyeglasses on the bedside table

The Glass Lake by Maeve Binchy
The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson
A Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp

Killing Lincoln by Bill O'Reilly
Being George Washington by Glenn Beck
1776 by David McCullough

What about you? Read any good books lately?


Perryn said...

just finished "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" by Steig Larsson. An excellent read if you like thrillers.

:o) mg said...

meh.. read it. It was ok. I think the book would have been much better if he had left out the first 1/3. Details of the business world which nearly made me quit reading it.

Anita said...

Starting Unprotected, an interesting book by Miriam Grossman, MD about her work with college students and how the immorality of the hook up culture has damaged so many both biologically speaking as well as the state of their souls. She is now criss crossing the country to share her findings as a campus psychiatrist and how she sees political correctness as a destructive force.

Also just picked up Great by Choice by Jim Collins who wrote Good to Great which I immensely enjoyed. Hope this will be as good.

Probably need a good fiction book for a little lighter reading!

lizzerd said...

Anita, try a little tome called "War & Peace". hahahaha
Let's see what I've got..."Elementary Statistics", "Essentials of Psychology" and "Biology"
I think of the 3, only the statistics is fiction. HAHAHAHAHA starts great, then once you get past the dedication, it gets rawther dry. hehhee