Sunday, January 29, 2012

fahoo fores, dahoo dores

We were all at the basketball game
cheering the high school varsity teams on to victory. 

They were here. 


Breaking glass.  Raiding the pantry.  Looking in the fridge.

Did you stop to look at that sweet picture my 4 year old drew for us?
It's a picture of her with really long hair standing beside a rainbow.  Encircled with hearts.

But that was before you were here. 

Looking in cabinets.  Looking in drawers.  Going through jewelry boxes.  Peeling back my freshly-made bed.

Hey kids, let's all get our rooms clean before we go to the ballgame.  That way when we come back, we can sleep peacefully on clean sheets.

My son's backpack and his suitcase that Santa brought last Christmas (because he heard we might be saving up for a trip) used to haul it all off.  Four bikes. 

Baby, I enjoyed biking sooo much last weekend.  Hey, let's go biking both Saturday and Sunday this week, wanna?  It's supposed to be beautiful!  I'm glad the rain is finally gone, aren't you?

A little boy's piggy bank with One. Dime. in it.  Raided.  Side table drawers pulled out. Mp3s loaded with cool Christian songs. 

Were you disappointed that we didn't have fancy schmancy things?  No gold.  No iPod Touch.  No Wii.  Yeah, my kids probably share in that disappointment.

Y'see, we don't put value in Things.

We do, however, value Peace Of Mind.
Hands that clasp.
Voices that praise.
and Us.

"Things" you don't value.

Fahoo fores, dahoo dores, y'all!


Sandy said...

I am s sorry that this happened to you. It is a sickening feeling to know that some heartless, greedy stranger has been going through your things. Left me very paranoid about leaving my house and when I did, I would get this sick feeling every time we got close to the house.

Anita said...

Sandy is right in that it does take time to recover. I hope that your recovery time will be very short!

I was robbed when I was single, and they took all of my jewelry...class rings, mine and Dad's, pearls from my 16th birthday, etc. Sure it was just jewelry and a quick buck for them. To me it was more like taking memories.
Shame on all of them!

I am so sorry this happened to you all. May God bless you all with His peace and comfort.

Perryn said...

oh lord, i just got back from a vacation and read this! i am so so sorry to hear that this awful thing has happened to you. i really hope they catch the horrible people, but even if they don't get their just deserts in this world, i'm sure they will in the next!

keeping y'all in my prayers.