Saturday, January 21, 2012

these are the hands

These are the hands of a young woman who, along with her brother, is about to go to Washington, DC to March for Life.  To honor the occasion, she gave herself a very special manicure.
On her thumb, she has written the word "life."  Each of her fingers has a heart.

These are the hands of someone who respects life.  Someone who will trudge through the freezing cold, and stand in the rain to stand up for the unborn.

On her left ring finger, she wears a purity ring.  It's design is a heart wrapped in a bow.  It signifies her choice to lead a chaste life.  A ring she will remove on her wedding day and will replace it with a wedding band. 

On her right hand, a Claddaugh ring, a symbol of friendship, love, loyalty, which is pointing to her fingertip, meaning free of attachment.  One day, she will love someone enough to turn the heart inward. 

These are the hands of one amazing young woman.  Logical.  Strong-willed.  Beautiful, inside and out. 

These are the hands of my firstborn child.

And although he has no rings nor fancy schmancy manicure, I am equally proud of my son.  I pray that he will always be touched by the magnitude of this March and will stand up for Life no matter what age he is, no matter how "cool" or "politically correct" it may be to have any other stance.

Two great kids.  I couldn't be prouder!


Anonymous said...

Chills of the good kind! <3

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful tribute to life and your daughter.

vcrick said...

Tears streaming!!!!

Anita said...

Two great kids. INDEED!