Tuesday, January 17, 2012

fledgling songs

King was out of town one evening and #5 decided she needed to sleep in my bed.  Y'know, to keep me company "till Daddy comes home." 

We read a bedtime story and then I got her and her toys all settled.  I snuggled under the covers with the last couple of hundred pages of a book I was trying to finish before our book club met. 

Constant chatter bubbled up from the pillow beside me. 

Knowing kids this age are a lot like mockingbirds in the evening before they settle down for the night, I patiently listened to the chatter - despite the fact that my book was getting to the good part.

Important to note that lately she has been spelling "mommy" to get my attention rather than just saying it.  I don't mind.  For one, she is loving to learn to spell.  Two, it gives my poor ears a break from hearing the word "mommy" all the time. 

"Em. Oh. Em. Em. Why?"  she said about 5 minutes into her evening song. 

I sighed. "Yes?"

Realizing that she was starting to wear me down, she smiled sweetly said, "I've just got lots of questions in my brain."

"Could you ask me some now and save some for tomorrow morning?"


A couple of minutes later, after all the immediate questions were answered, like how and why toys made out of plastic, my little fledgling was sound asleep.

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Anita said...

You are a very wise M.O.M.M.Y!