Monday, March 7, 2011

ohmigosh, that reminds me of a story

First of all, if you have the stomach for kid + poo stories, go read this and then come back.

I'll wait.

**If you don't have the stomach for it, might wanna grab you'a glass of lemonade and go file your nails on the verandah.
I'll post something else clever soon, I promise.
Back? Kewl. Wasn't that both gross and hilarious all at the same time? I know, right? Well, you know that annoying game of one upsmanship that people always do? I can actually "oneup" that cutie-pie Ashley's story.
When I was expecting #2, like any-day-now kind of preggers... the wayyy-out-to-here kind of belly, I thought it would be just. so. sweet. for my firstborn and I to take a bubble bath together...........
I guess by the sound of your wheezing laughter you figured out where that one was going, huh? Let's just say you've never seen anyone move so fast before in your life!

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