Sunday, March 27, 2011

determination in action

Speaking of no. 3, let me tell you what that amazing girl has accomplished:

There is a girl who is in her fifth grade class who Does. Not. Talk. Apparently she talks to her mother and one friend from a different school, but that is it. All year in class, this girl has not uttered a word. If she is asked a yes or no question, she will nod or shake her head, but other than that, no sound has left her mouth.

When the teacher calls on her to give an answer or read aloud, she just sits there. Forget about even getting the girl to stand in front of the class to give an oral report. It has bothered my chatty thirdborn child since school began. So, she has decided to make it her 5th grade mission to help this girl get out of her shell. She told her teacher of her plans, and got permission to go full steam ahead.

Whenever the class was given Free Time, no. 3 started by writing notes with yes or no questions as well as trying to engage her in dialogue. The girl didn't budge. 3 got frustrated at one point during the second quarter of school and told her that she really wanted to be her friend, but that a friend wouldn't just sit there quietly. Afraid she would push her away, 3 dropped back and continued the slow-but-steady note writing and one-sided dialogue.

Finally a week or so ago, she got the girl to say her "yesses" and "nos" aloud, which thrilled my sweet, determined girl. Then my blonde beauty came home with a heart as light as a feather -as if monsoon season had arrived, the girl had talked all day!!! Not only that, but she laughed out loud as well.

no. 3 said with a giggle, "At one point I almost needed to tell her to be quiet!"


Perryn said...

i KNEW number 3 was something extra special and this just proves it!!!! that child is destined for great things and i am proud beyond words to know her!

Catherine said...

I am SO not surprised, and believe that she most definitely deserves the award, can't think of a more wonderful example!!!!

lizzerd said...

i'm so proud of her! she got that form me, you know. hahahhaa

Kathleen Haley said...

This story has got to be one of the awesomest things I have heard in a long time.