Wednesday, March 23, 2011

ode to the middle child

Recently my sweet third born child spent the weekend curled up on the living room couch reading my blog entries from past years that I had put into book form. I heard her in there giggling and she'd share which entry had tickled her funny bone and I'd get to re-live (remember) a funny story, too.
But come Monday morning, she was in a funk. She wouldn't spill the beans to me, but King finally got it out of her that she was upset because so many of my blog posts are about #4 or others, but not many are about her. Since I think of my blog as more of a record of anecdotes, I don't keep score, but, in order that it might be in a book one day, I wanted to put into print my thoughts, an ode if you will, to the beautiful creation that God made in no. 3.

When I think about her as a toddler, I remember beautiful blonde hair and infinite blue eyes. She has a determined spirit like no other. With a sweep of her hand across her face to move her hair out of her way, she'd set to work on whatever project she had going on.
She always woke up with the happiest of dispositions and her cheery smile lit up the room. Nowadays her beautiful smile, braces and all, can still luminates a room; and though it is not possible for me to scoop her up and lift her high as she squeals with delight, holding her in my arms is still a soul-filling joy.

My extremely bright girl is a wonderful artist and incredible musician. She is a very thoughtful child has always had feelings that were as tender as baby lettuce but with a God-like wisdom and understanding, she forgives easily. That tenderness must be the main ingredient that goes into the fact that she adores animals. She has an amazing capacity to absorb animal facts; and her love for horses is a legacy handed down to her from her grandmother.

Experiencing her development into the beautiful young lady she is has been such a blessing. She is already a faithful young woman and she possesses an incredible strength which will serve her well as she becomes a wife and mother.

Personal note to no. 3:
I look forward to seeing the person you will become.
And thank you for giving me this opportunity to tell you so.
I love you.


Lizz said...

ps: she's really MY kid, as i have told you since she was born. she's just a blonde version of me. i am only letting you raise her since you're much better at stuff like that than i am. plus, i'm good at sharing. hehehe

Anita said...